If you frequent the website of Weis-Buy Farms, Inc., then I'm sure you've noticed the sudden upgrade in our 'look'! And - drumroll please... - the website works on mobile devices, too! Try it out for yourself!

we also have new content!

Throughout the site you will notice an abundance of new photos, all of which were taken at our various Weis-Buy farms, greenhouses and farms, by our salesman Michael Shapiro.

No stock photos here - these photos of fresh, great produce were taken at our farms!

Additionally, you can now find information about 'Dominican Republic Produce' and 'Tomatoes' on our website if you take a closer look inside Weisbuy. See photos and more, all about our processes and growing locations.

You will still be able to see our 'Produce Charts,' and the 'At a Glance' chart in our menu under 'Availability.' You can also find our weekly 'Word To The Wise' produce chart, as well.

A big thank you to our web designer Geena Matuson for the new look and the new features!